Samrupan-social organization Samrupan-Aid for child education Samrupan-Aid for child education Samrupan-Aid for child education Samrupan-Aid for child education Samrupan-Aid for child education


Samrupan has been involved in social work since 2007. Samrupan was created with an aim of creating “Equality through Education”. To reflect its teachings, founder member Madhu Singhi, based Samrupan on the ideology of “Service without designation”. In such a setup, all members stay equal in designation, work allocation as well as decision making. This operational methodology not only strengthens Samrupan’s roots but also sets it apart from other Social Service groups. Each Samrupan member have raised funds from their surroundings and used it to help Under-privileged and Specially-abled people become self sufficient and financially independent.

Throughout the year, Samrupan held several workshops at various organisations where expert trainers were brought in to teach “hand-made art”. For those who can stitch, sewing machines are donated to help them earn their livelihood. “Samadhan: Ek Sahaj Jeevan Yapan Kala” is annually organised on the occasion of Makar Sankranti where the hand-made products of Under-privileged women is exhibited and put on sale. Such platforms help boost the self-esteem and confidence of these women.

To help poor, orphaned and specially-abled girl students complete their education; Samrupan provides aid for studies in 12th, Graduation and Computer Courses. Financial assistance in the form of College fees and Bus passes, and material aid in the form of text books, bags, uniforms and shoes are readily provided through Samrupan.

Apart from this, Samrupan provides specially-abled people with wheel chairs, callipers, splints, hearing aid etc., as and when the opportunity arrives. Samrupan has also organised Water-therapy, Naturopathy and Art of Living workshops. Free dental and eye check-up camps have also been organised on a regular basis. Aid is also given to the blind in the form of paid expenses for treatment and operations, and support in education and competitive exams through audio lessons. Samrupan has also provided support for the Blind Finishing School where the visually impaired are taught to complete their daily chores on their own.
Featured Projects
Annual Projects
1. Exhibition cum sale of handmade artifacts made by orphan and special abled people
2. Regular distribution of Wheel Chairs, Calipers, Artificial Limb, Splints, Bicycle and sticks
3. Free education like computer Courses, Bachelor and Master Degree for Orphan and Special Able Children
4. Workshop of making handmade artifacts from paper, Cloths Bamboo clay painting etc.
5. Bhajan Program by samrupan members
6. Drawing competition for special abled childrens.
7. Various cultural program for specially disabled children
8. Art of living (Sujok Therapy), Pranik Healing Meditation and yoga program to become confident, self sufficient for orphan girls. Yoga eliminates fear, brings focus in your mind and purposefulness of your life.
9. Education Aid for Tribal Childrens
10. Regular health camp like eye check up, dental camp, Knee Awareness camp, Cancer Awareness Camp, Gyanec Proplem awareness camp etc for all.
11. Provide special aid for marriage of orphan girls.
12. Given Hearing Aid & Visual Aid System
13. Donate Sewing Machines to needy womens
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